The Owner//Designer

Brooke has always been an extremely creative individual. When she was 4 years old she was enrolled in private art lessons. When she turned 13 she had a “make your own jewelry” party. Her friends loved this idea and they always wanted to go into business with her so they started jewelry businesses, that lasted two weeks at most. Brooke always wondered why all her friends bailed out. The passion inside Brooke could not be burnt out like that and she could never understand how they could give up. The entrepreneur in Brooke always wanted to take the “fun and games” to the next level.Owner/Designer

In high school Brooke attended trade school for fashion & followed her passion to Buffalo State & the Fashion Institute of Technology. Unlike her peers, Brooke had no interest in runway fashion. She was more realistic, earthy and natural. Instead of wearing Gucci to class Brooke wore her own handmade jewelry and knitwear.

Now Brooke is successfully running Little Blueberryy all on her own. Brooke is responsible for all social media, PR, photography, her website, and all the ideas behind each and every creative masterpiece. Of course she couldn’t have made it this far without the love and support of all her family and friends and for that she is thankful everyday.

“I have something that not many people can say they have. I have a burning passion inside of me, a desire to succeed and a creative energy that flows through my veins. It can never be stopped.”

-Brooke Owner//Designer

Little Blueberryy’s Story

The journey began in 2007. I started making jewelry at age 13. It was just for fun. I was really passionate about it, but I never thought my work was any good.

When I went to college at Buffalo State in 2012, I started knitting headbands to keep warm in the frigid Buffalo winters. Everyone was amazed at my skill and talent. I still thought nothing of it because it came naturally.

I started an Etsy page, which is an online marketplace for handmade goods in 2013. At this point I had to think of a name for my company. I was trying to think of names of all natural, organic things from the earth that represented my brand and values. After awhile of thinking, blueberries came to mind and this is something that really hit home with me. My grandma and I would always pick blueberries together and as a child I had bright blue eyes, so Little Blueberryy it was, but making jewelry and knitting was still just a hobby of mine.

Trigger the dogOne exact event that happened in my life that took my passion to the next level was when my puppy was tragically hit and killed by a driver who was under the influence. After that day, I began creating one of a kind sentimental pieces that kept my mind active and my spirits up. At this point it was no longer a hobby, it was a way to cope and I wanted to share my passion with the world. One of the first pieces I made was a hand wire wrapped tree of life sun catcher and a birds nest necklace, both representing strength.

in 2015 I launched my website, expanded internationally and Little Blueberryy is also available in various retail locations! And so the story continues and I continue to follow my dreams and passion.