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Little Free Spirits in Your Life

We all have children in our life; nieces, nephews, our own children, grandkids, and our friend’s children, and finding a perfect gift for kids isn’t always easy. If you like unique and you know they will appreciate something different then this is where you should be! Inspire your children to glow brightly! Have a positive light, be original, “be kind,” and free spirited!

Children’s Bracelets

For the children’s bracelets, any of the bracelets listed on the can be made into a child’s size. So when you are checking out, in the “notes/comments” section just write that it is for a child!  These bracelets are great as an affirmation to themselves and to be better; “Be Kind,” “Adorable,” “You are my Sunshine,” “Imagine,” “Believe in Magic,” and more! They are all uplifting and perfect!






Buy Bracelet’s


These’s fairies teach your children to never stop believing, never grow up and remain pure of heart always! They are made from pure metal and have re-purposed yarn scraps tied around them! They even make for a great tree topper for small trees! You can hang them in a window, bedroom, above your bed or against the wall, or have some fun and buy several to arrange across the ceiling! Children loves these fairies because kids love magic!


















Buy Fairies


So grab a couple bracelets and fairies today!


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Pet Lovers

Animals are a big part of most of our lives. We either grew up with an animal or two, maybe more, and even have a couple now. Every single one of them entered our lives and became a part of the family. Feeding them, spoiling them with treats, letting them on the furniture after swearing that would never happen and letting them sit on our laps in the car! We love our pets! Little Blueberryy does too and in order to make sure animals get loved, we donate a portion from each purchase to the ASPCA in Ulster County!

“Dog”fession Tags

These are a great gift to give your big dog, little dog or cat this Christmas from yourself or even get one for someone you know that has a pet in their life that is more like family! These hilarious sayings like “Zen as Fuck” “I eat cat poop” “I peed in the house” or even “Cute but Psycho” are loved by everyone and honestly will perfectly match your pet! There are so many great sayings you are bound to find one that fits your animal, so they confess to what they’ve done by wearing this little tag on their collar! When you purchase one of these 10% or more will be donated to ASPCA, so you will be giving a gift to your animal and all the animals at the ASPCA!

Shop here:


Paws for Cause Bracelet



Hand-stamped on pure domestic materials is a perfect gift to combine with the tags, for you as the owner to wear or give to show your love for your furry one! They are comfortable, adjustable, and because they are a pure metal with no coating your body will get the health benefits by absorbing the metal into your blood stream too! 25% of each will be donated to the ASPCA to help stop animal cruelty!

You can also purchase this in copper and brass as well as the aluminum featured here. For a little extra you can even include your pet’s name!

Read more about it and to shop here: 

So make sure you include it in your little gift giving package to your pet lover friends or for yourself, and each gift will be giving a gift to an animal in need!!!


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Girl Boss

We all know at least one woman in our life that hustles all day to get everything done; a full time and part time job plus school, part time job and running her own business, the day job, night job and weekend job. Whatever it is women know how to work, lead and get sh*t done! This is fact, so get your girl something from this boss babe list of goodies this Christmas!

Citrine Necklace and Hoop Earrings


Citrine is THE girl boss crystal. It also happens to be the month of November’s birth stone ( check out our blog post on it: ) and is the crystal of prosperity! It’s also a great stone to combat any negative energy! This is perfect for when we feel a little rundown, feel like someone is against you for being successful or even your own negative thoughts or self doubt.

Amethyst Ring


Amethyst is a calming energy stone that will help liven your spirits and gives off positive energy! It also helps with healing old wounds and even some unwanted addictions! This amethyst ring will be a great addition to whoever needs a bit of positivity!

Pair the amethyst ring and citrine earrings and/or necklace together for a powerful effect against negativity and welcoming of peace!



Hand-stamped bracelets with great motivational sayings for your day like ” Wake up & slay” “Hustle like you mean it” and “Boss Babe” They’re comfortable, adjustable and totally unique to who you give them to. There is even a choice to customize your own saying!

All together or separate, these handcrafted pieces will be the prefect present this year! Support and Shop Local this holiday season!













Citrine Necklace $ 35

Citrine Earrings $ 35

Amethyst Ring $ 20

Copper Bracelet $ 35

Aluminum Bracelet $ 20

Brass Bracelet $ 35

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Spirit Sipper

Season’s Greetings Little Blueberryy lovers! This marks the very first of many gift guides to come this year! The holiday’s are an exciting time of year, and finding that special gift for the special people in your life sometimes can be difficult. You want to get them something that will suit the type of person they are and embody their spirit! This week is all about the classy girl, the lady that you think of champagne, Chanel and diamonds when you say her name!

Spirit Sipper

Raise your glass of spirits this holiday season to amazing jewelry for your favorite person who doesn’t mind having a couple drinks! Classy girls or “classy af” girls are going to be jazzed about the sleek color scheme of this guide. Silver and gold with some white undertones!


Quartz Crystal rings, wire wrapped in either silver or gold!


Gold hoop earrings with quartz crystal’s dazzlingly hanging in the middle for a lightweight comfortable hoop!


Hand-stamped bracelets with sayings like “Bubbly all Day” and “Chanel and Champagne”

After all it was Chanel that said “I only drink champagne on two occasions, when I’m in love and when I’m not”

And diamonds, a girl’s best friend! Herkimer Diamond necklaces, for your intelligent lady that will know why they are more than just a diamond necklace, with immense healing properties.

All of these make exceptional presents for this year’s Holidays Season!

Prices for all these things can be found below and on our shop page of LIttle Blueberryy’s website!


Quartz Hoop Earrings $35

Herkimer Diamond Necklace $65

Quartz Crystal Rings $20

Copper Bracelet  $35

Brass Bracelet $35

Aluminum Bracelet $20

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November has two birthstones, one being Topaz and the other, a Little Blueberryy favorite, Citrine. Often, they have been mistaken for each other. Topaz comes in a wide variety of colors, so a golden Topaz looks just like Citrine. Though similar in looks they are completely unrelated to one another. Both are absolutely gorgeous and in an abundance so they’re likely to be easy to find and bought if it is something you are looking into!




Pure topaz is completely clear, it gets its colors from being tinted by impurities. Precious topaz is yellow golden, which is the one often mistaken for Citrine. Imperial topaz is a pinkish orange hue. Blue topaz is the color most of us think when we hear topaz, maybe because of the abundance in the market, however it actually is so rarely naturally occurring and is cause by irradiation treatment. The ancient Greeks believed if you wore topaz you would become invisible.

Healing Properties:

Topaz has a calming energy, balancing out your emotions. It can reduce a fever, relieve asthma, improve vision and prevent premature death. As well as helping with nightmares. They say that if you dream of topaz then a problem you have been having will soon be solved.  Symbolizing honor and strength and bringing wisdom and longevity, topaz is a great stone to wear!



Citrine is a quartz crystal that only comes in a range of colors from a pale yellow to a brownish orange color, it stays on that spectrum of color.This color is caused by the iron in quartz crystals.This occurs almost never naturally so most of what you buy has probably been heat treated.

Healing Properties:

Citrine is THE healing crystal! It is similar to topaz’s healing properties of bringing a calm energy, helping get rid of negativity and wanting to start fresh. It can even protect you against snake venom! A favorite aspect of citrine is that it is the prosperity stone or what Little Blueberryy calls “the boss babe stone” or what others call “merchant stone” because it brings about wealth and prosperity. A great tip is to keep your citrine stones by your money, your wallet, lock box etc. Even wearing citrine when you are about to make important decisions, go shopping or sell something, it will bring you luck!



So be sure to shop Little Blueberry’s crystal necklaces, earrings and rings for some citrine beauties!!


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Gothic Style Costume Idea

Need a last minute Halloween costume idea? Little Blueberryy is all about making things a lifestyle, reusing, and making purchases on clothing and jewelry that you can wear perfectly for Halloween but also everyday!  Our Halloween ad look is perfect!











It is a Gothic, steampunk inspired look. As well, as inspired by my mother’s old ballet costume! It’s almost witchy for costume purposes on Halloween, but it can really be worn throughout the year! There are mixed textures in the materials used and consistent color scheme. Velvet is an all time favorite and currently trending for every article of clothing! Honestly you can use whatever colors you want for each piece, but I stuck with what I had and kept it dark. I got crafty and cut the bottom leotard part off of my moms costume, so it would be comfortable to wear and fit better. I love the jagged cut of the tool across the bottom of the skirt!









Since there are only two layers of tool making it extremely thin, I wore velvet black leggings underneath. In addition to add to the velvet, red velvet boots! You can go which ever way you want with the boots, I think even solid black combats or Dr Martins would look great!

Here are great alternative skirt and boot ideas!










However you decide to style your skirt, top and boots, what  pulls all of this together are the accessories! Customized hand-stamped bracelets, where you can get your favorite saying on them, whether they be Halloween related or not. Even crystal hoop earrings, coming in a variety of crystals, along with a variety in style of crystal necklaces. All of them are unique and one of a kind as the crystals used in each!

There really is something for everyone on here and perfect for any Halloween look including this Gothic witch inspired look! Today and Tomorrow are also your LAST CHANCE to get 20% EVERYTHING!!! All you need to do use the code “witchy” at checkout!!! Take advantage of it! Doesn’t even have to be for Halloween! There are so many new products too! Take a look!