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Clarity – organic green tea blend

Ingredients: dragonwell tea, spearmint, holy basil, nettle, ginger root.

Tastes like: a (very slightly) sweet, minty, delicious green tea. The holy basil and spearmint provide a great balance to the dragonwell tea. And oh yeah, there’s ginger in there…but you barely know it’s there. The nettle will straight up nourish you. This tea was formerly known as “Study Sesh” and was named for my ex. But I got some major CLARITY from that break up (they’re exes for a reason, amirite?) and the tea is too good to delete forever.


It’s important to be conscious about what we put into our bodies. That’s why I like to be transparent about my tea blending process. All ingredients are sourced from certified organic herb farms & tea plantations. Each tea is hand blended using only organic tea, herbs, and spices, guaranteeing consistency and freshness with each cup. This also makes each tea blend vegan and gluten free!


Organic & hand crafted loose leaf tea.

Zip pouch bags measure 8″ L x 5″ W and are made of biodegradable rice paper.

Each bag is heat sealed but also contains a resealable zipper to keep your tea fresh!

Zip pouch bags contain approximately 20-30 cups per zip pouch.

Test Tubes measure 6″ L x 1″ W and are made of borosilicate glass and have a cork stopper.

Test Tubes contain approximately 3-6 cups per test tube.


All products are hand crafted and packaged in a Health Department certified prep kitchen.

No animals + no food products. Just organic tea, herbs, and spices!


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Test Tube, Zip Pouch


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