Create More, Love More In Memory Of Christina Bach



I am making these bracelets in memory of Christina. I am so heartbroken by this tragedy and when I heard about what had happened the first thing that came to my mind was “Create More ❤️ Love More”

“Create More” in memory of Christina and her creative soul, her beautiful work and most importantly her passion. She wasn’t afraid to follow her heart and her dreams. Everyone keeps sharing her photography online and not only is it stunning, but it’s a beautiful way to remember her.

“love more” because she was so loving and kind. This was such a tragedy, it taught everyone to love their loved ones a little more because you never know what could happen.

She always loved my jewelry and I think she would love to be remembered in this way.

I am donating 50% of each bracelet to her family towards funeral expenses and for her children ❤️


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