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I was recently inspired by a friend of mine who reached out to me and told me a very touching story about one of her family members. One of her family members was having a procedure done and she told me that immediately after the procedure she wanted the inspirational bracelet that I had made for her years ago. I realize how touching these little bracelets can be; how uplifting and inspiring they can be and how looking down at them on your wrist can turn your day right around.

During this very intense, emotional time I am going to be making these bracelets and you can purchase for yourself or send to a friend. There are 5 options available. These bracelets can be purchased to send to a friend in the medical field, an EMT, a nurse, an employee at your local pharmacy or grocery store or you can purchase them for yourself or a friend who is having a tough time. We are all handling this situation differently and we all know at least one friend who could really benefit from some inspirational words at this time. These bracelets are also unisex.

The bracelet are not being made for profit. I am just covering the cost to make them and ship them and the other 50% will be donated.

The best part is I will personally be taking 50% of all bracelet sales and using the funds to donate to essential workers in our local medical facilities and donating a portion of sales directly into a COVID19 relief fund to help locals who are in desperate need.

Follow me on my journey to see how much money is being raised and where it is being donated. With the help of my wonderful friend and yoga instructor Deb we already donated $80 to a COVID19 relief fund. Let’s keep the ball rolling. Do your part, spread some light, and help someone else’s light shine a little brighter.

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