Grounding Smudge Aroma Spray


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Grounding Smudge Aroma Spray

Feel the vibrations around you… Breathe… Change the Frequency!

Our products are always free of dyes and synthetic fragrances!

4oz bottle with fine mister

Get your head out of the clouds and plant your feet firmly in the earth. This woodsy blend of patchouli, cedar and rosemary is rounded out with a touch of lavender and mysterious frankincense. The pure essential oil blend is floated on top of pink Himalayan saltwater and tree agate stones to help you grow roots.

Each spray is infused with crystals. Reuse and Recycle! We believe that when you are finished with this product, you should be able to keep the energy of the experience with you. The stones are drilled with a hole so that you can easily reuse them by stringing them together. You can make them into jewelry, dangle them from your rearview mirror, make a keychain, etc. The possibilities are endless! But, be sure to wash them before use and keep them far away from children and babies because they are a choking hazard.


To use, shake the bottle vigorously and allow the tree agate to blend the essential oils and pink Himalayan saltwater, spray, breathe, and get grounded.


Ingredients: Distilled water, pink Himalayan sea salt, essential oil blend (patchouli, cedar, frankincense, rosemary, and lavender), tree agate stones, and all natural citric acid for preservation.


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