Palo Santo Amethyst Bundle




Palo Santo Amethyst Bundle

This beautiful bundle includes two Palo Sticks that are ethically sourced from fallen trees in South Africa.

Palo Santo is known as “Holy Wood” and helps keep energies grounded, pure and banish any negativity.

It is said to enhance creativity, bring good fortune and it leaves a beautiful sweet, woodsy aroma when burnt.

The hemp cord is long enough to wear the amethyst as a necklace or you can use the stone for meditation practices,or take it along with you in your pocket to amplify its energies.

Crystal Healing Benefits:

Amethyst helps replenish lost energy, increase positive vibes, while promoting peacefulness and happiness, making this Palo Santo bundle everything you ever needed.

All our crystal pieces come cleansed under the energy of a full moon. They have all been amplified with positive energy and good intentions. Since this item is handcrafted from all natural, earth-made materials,not every pair will look identical to the picture. Each item will look unique and have slight color, shape and size variations.They are all one of a kind and special for you. 

How To Use:

Everyone smudges in a different way. I start by setting my positive thoughts and good intentions. I light one end of the wood stick and once it starts smoking, then blow it out.

Gently fan the smoke upwards and over your body allowing it to touch and cleanse you. Take in the sweet aroma.

I walk through my home and gently blow or fan the smoke with my hands, but you can also use feather.

To smudge crystals, you can hold the Palo Santo stick near your crystals and allow the smoke to come up over them.

You can recite prayers out loud while walking through your space. You can also set a little area where you can do some meditation while the Palo Stick is burning.


The art of “smudging” is very particular and we wish you good intentions, but please keep in mind that it is recreational and for spiritual purposes only. We do not guarantee any supernatural or magickal qualities for any products. We do not make any claims and I can’t guarantee any outcome from smudging. Put in your good intentions!

Please be careful while burning, so that you do not touch it to your skin and cause burns. Seller is NOT responsible for negligence or misuse. This item is NOT returnable! This is NOT for children. Be sure pets and children are supervised when using.


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