I POOP IN THE HOUSE Dog-fession Dog Tag


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Cute, Funny, ADORABLE and  a great laugh.

Available in Pure Aluminum and Pure Copper

Hand stamped with love

Perfect gift for your furry friend


Healing Benefit:

Pure Copper- This bracelet is not only hot, but it has many proven healing properties.✨Its a grounding metal for the human body and spirit providing protection by clearing the blood against disease, frees the wearer of mental burdens, alleviate cramps, promote smooth function of glands, prevent damage of the joints, assist with arthritis, assist with Rheumatic Disease, improve circulation of Blood, Detoxification, Reduces Inflammation, Stabilizes Metabolism, Improves Oxygen Usage, Influences the blood and circulation of the body, Transfers warmth and electricity, Heals the mind and body based on the metal’s energy conducting properties, Emits philosophic energies, Stimulates the hormones, Eases Pain to name just a few of the fantastic proven properties! ✨This bracelet will turn your skin green over time but this means ITS WORKING! If you have copper jewelry that doesn’t turn your skin green then it is treated or not pure, therefore you will not receive the healing benefits. So green is good and this bracelet will emit positive healing properties into your bloodstream through your wrist.

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Pure Aluminum, Pure Copper


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