Silver and Turquoise Birds Nest Necklace With Two Eggs




This necklace is hand crafted and also available in other colors upon request! You can select what color eggs you want in the nest and they are made with 2 eggs. Each birds nest product comes with a card explaining their meaning! They make a perfect gift for any woman in your life. They are a favorite for expecting mothers, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, long distance relationships, aunts, or any woman in your life. Thank you for your interest!

Birds nest pendant- the birds nest symbolizes strength, hope, love, family, luck, security and protection. Like a birds nest we are delicate and fragile; wear this charm to symbolize strength and push forward through any given obstacle life puts in the way of your dreams. Always remember that the nest strayed out as just a twig and anything is possible.

Anti-tarnish coating Nickel free Copper and brass core.


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