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“The Natural Nurturer”

June 21 – July 22
Symbol- Crab
Element- Water
Ruling Planet- Moon: celestial body of moods and emotions

As the caretaker of the zodiac, the Cancer is known for establishing a close family bond. Although it may be hard to get passed the strong exterior of the Cancer, they are tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal and sympathetic once you do. They are well-known for following their heart and being driven by emotion, which makes them both persuasive and emotional as well. At times they can be moody, pessimistic and manipulative, a true demonstration of the weak side of the Cancer. The Cancer is most content when surrounded by loving friends and family.


The Cancer horoscope symbol is the crab and its claws. The glyph is meant to represent the nurturing, feminine qualities of this zodiac sign.

Water Element

The element of Water is associated with the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water signs are very emotional and sensitive beings. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because this allows them to be very conscious of others emotions and demonstrate great compassion. While they can be calm like the sea, they also run deep like a river.


The moon is in its rulership in the sign of Cancer, so this is where it can best express itself. Those born under this sign love being at home and prefer a feeling of security and consistency. With the moon as their ruling planet, the Cancer is patient, sensitive, romantic, sociable and maternal.

Cardinal Sign

Cancer is a cardinal sign as it marks the beginning of a new season, more specifically the beginning of summer. Other cardinal signs include Libra, Capricorn and Aries. These signs are constantly coming up with new ideas and have a natural knack for leadership. For that reason, they would much rather radiate originality and be first rather than be seen as a follower. You can always count on a cardinal sign to stay up to date on the latest trends and get the party started.

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December 22- January 19

Symbol- Mountain Goat or Sea Goat

Element- Earth

Ruling Planet- Saturn- planet of discipline and maturity

“The Master Planner”


Capricorn’s energy is important since all planets transit through this zodiac sign all year long, meaning we all will feel their energy. They are known for having the energy to stay focused and being determined as well as find the simplest route to getting something done and sticking with that plan. Capricorns are loyal, family minded, devoted and honest. At times they can be overly dutiful, aiding in part of the weak side of a Capricorn. Some Capricorn’s may be too harsh and calculating resulting in being a bit of a burden to take on.



The symbol can either be seen as a Mountain Goat or a Sea Goat. The Mountain Goat represents how driven and persistent a Capricorn may be. The Sea Goat however is supposed an image that inflicts fear, symbolizing the defense mechanism of a Capricorn. Capricorn’s will find the need to transform into something scary that will drive away what scares them, which can make things worse sometimes.

Earth Element

There are three Earth elements; Taurus, Virgo and lastly Capricorn. Since it is the final Earth sign, it combines the solid foundation of a Taurus and Virgo’s skillful planning. With these two characteristics combined, we all will feel the Capricorn’s motivating energy to take on our biggest goals and want to create structure.


Saturn is known as the “Father Time” planet, which is what play’s into why Capricorn’s want respect for their paternalistic qualities. Saturn is also a planet of repression. Therefore, Capricorn’s urges may come out in shocking ways, so while being solid and stoic, underneath they may have some “out there” secrets.

Cardinal Sign

Capricorn is the last Cardinal sign, a sign that starts of the change of the seasons, Capricorn being winter. Cardinal signs are the leaders of “idea” people; they want to be originals and trendsetters.



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Scorpios: 10/23-11/22



Element: Water

Planet: Pluto-planet of regeneration

“Most Intense and most focused of the Zodiac signs”


Scorpio is the eighth zodiac, ruled by the scorpion. The scorpion represents life, death and resurrection. It is the representation of the circle of life. As a Scorpio you have the ability to reinvent yourself continually transform yourself. The Scorpio has four incarnations: the first is a venomous, possessive self, the second charming and deceiving like a snake, the third is an eagle who can see anything from above with its piercing gaze, and the fourth is the all-seeing Phoenix who rises from the ashes into eternal rebirth.










As a Scorpio you’ll probably find that you love finding out the truth behind mysteries. You love exploring, being a detective and researching to get the answers to what you seek. Scorpios don’t tend to open up immediately, but when they do you will feel a pull towards them. You will become so fascinate by the Scorpio and their interest’s you will want to know more too. They can be very compelling people.  Don’t double cross a Scorpio. Just like it’s sign, they can be deadly with a counterattack. They love revenge!









Part of Four


They have these four incarnations, allowing them to be a complex creature. Allowing them to reinvent themselves whenever they want. People that fall under this zodiac sign, are also extremely seductive, dangerous and appealing, just like the scorpion. The scorpion is an interesting creature, snake like, fierce, sexy and deadly all in one.

Scorpios are also apart of the four fixed signs, which are the zodiacs that happen to fall in the middle of each season, the other three are Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius. They are viewed as the stabilizers, builders, the foundations of great ideas. Scorpios and these other signs have the ability to take an idea and make it tangible. They are trustworthy people and like making lists. So while the Scorpio can be a difficult type of person to spot with their ever changing self, know that they are also trustworthy and a good friend to have your back in difficult times.