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Favorite Gift Ideas

Let’s face it, the majority of us still leave gift shopping until the last second. Either due to procrastinating or thinking everyone was bought for already, but you just kept forgetting that one person on your list. No worries! Monday, today, is YOUR LAST DAY to out in order to get them in time for Christmas and we put together all of our favorite things!!!✨

Bird’s Nest Necklace

These are a favorite for many reasons, one being because they are Brooke’s first original design for Little Blueberryy and also because they symbolize strength and family. Everyone loves buying these for their mom or sister because of the making behind them.


There are an assortment of crystal wire wrapped rings and lava stone wire wrapped rings, all of which can either be in silver or gold. They’re stunning and perfect for special occasions, or every day wear!! Each bringing calmness in their own way! The lava stone rings will hold your essential oils all day for you! Just dab a bit on and it will absorb it right up! Your Quartz crystal rings are your master healer’s! Perfect for balance! All are one of a kind crystals so they’re personal and unique!

Tea Infuser

Amethyst tea infuser are perfect for tea drinkers! The crystals are all unique, and its so personalized by directed it at a specific type of person; one that LOVES tea and ADORES crystals! You have the option to choose either amethyst, quartz or rose quartz crystals for your infuser. Your amethyst will help get rid of negativity, heal wounds, and promote peace, also known as the “sobriety stone.” Your rose quartz is a healing love stone. Both are great!


Hand-stamped Bracelets 

Our favorite sayings are your favorite sayings too! Who doesn’t love “FRESH AS FUCK,” ” ZEN AS FUCK,” ” VEGAN-ISH” “HUSTLE LIKE YOU MEAN IT,” and ” HAPPINESS IS SO GANGSTER.”  They are all a lot of fun and there are so many more sayings to choose from! You can even customize your favorite saying! Hand-stamped bracelets are the way to go especially for personalized gift ideas! They all come in copper, aluminum or brass!

Dog Tags

We all love our pets, even when they do something naughty, like “poop in the house”, or are “cute but psycho,” and getting them a little something this holiday season is perfect! One of the best parts about these tags, for dogs big and small or even cats, are a portion of what you pay gets donated to the ASPCA! This means you can also give a gift to other animals in need as well as your own! It is always nice to give to others at the same time, even little furry animals, because animals bring us so much joy!

Floral Dresses

Honestly, who said you can’t still wear floral in the winter?  They are both bohemian inspired and 70’s vintage inspired! The Unforgettable Vintage Floral Dress is our favorite pick, just in time to give as a gift to wear for the New Year! The lace front and small cut out on the chest make it fun and flirty without getting cold! The darker beige gives us the reminder that spring is not quite yet here, but with the floral pattern intertwined saying, it isn’t far off! Floral pattern is great all year, in my opinion, as a way to keep the nature and beauty of flowers alive and our spirits up!










Time to get started on shopping for your last minute gifts!!

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Pet Lovers

Animals are a big part of most of our lives. We either grew up with an animal or two, maybe more, and even have a couple now. Every single one of them entered our lives and became a part of the family. Feeding them, spoiling them with treats, letting them on the furniture after swearing that would never happen and letting them sit on our laps in the car! We love our pets! Little Blueberryy does too and in order to make sure animals get loved, we donate a portion from each purchase to the ASPCA in Ulster County!

“Dog”fession Tags

These are a great gift to give your big dog, little dog or cat this Christmas from yourself or even get one for someone you know that has a pet in their life that is more like family! These hilarious sayings like “Zen as Fuck” “I eat cat poop” “I peed in the house” or even “Cute but Psycho” are loved by everyone and honestly will perfectly match your pet! There are so many great sayings you are bound to find one that fits your animal, so they confess to what they’ve done by wearing this little tag on their collar! When you purchase one of these 10% or more will be donated to ASPCA, so you will be giving a gift to your animal and all the animals at the ASPCA!

Shop here:


Paws for Cause Bracelet



Hand-stamped on pure domestic materials is a perfect gift to combine with the tags, for you as the owner to wear or give to show your love for your furry one! They are comfortable, adjustable, and because they are a pure metal with no coating your body will get the health benefits by absorbing the metal into your blood stream too! 25% of each will be donated to the ASPCA to help stop animal cruelty!

You can also purchase this in copper and brass as well as the aluminum featured here. For a little extra you can even include your pet’s name!

Read more about it and to shop here: 

So make sure you include it in your little gift giving package to your pet lover friends or for yourself, and each gift will be giving a gift to an animal in need!!!


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November 22- December 21

Symbol-  Archer or Centaur

Element- Fire

Ruling Planet- Jupiter – planet of luck and expansion

“The worldly adventurer and risk taker”



There are several aspects to a Sagittarius: Curious, Philisophical, Restless,  and Enthusiastic. The curious Sagittarius want a to learn and needs to thrive off of new adventures to find the meaning of one’s existence. Philosophical Sagittarius takes the knowledge learned under the curious Sagittarius to do what they love, have deep discussions about life. Restless Sagittarius has a need to be outdoors. Pair this with the curious side of a Sagittarius by taking new adventures and exploration to not be so restless. The last aspect, Enthusiastic Sagittarius, the risk taker in you will want to take new adventures!

Fire Element

Being the third and final fire sign, Sagittarius pairs Arie’s trailblazing and Leo’s fiery leadership (the other two fire signs) to create a central system of wisdom and action in a Sagittarius.


Jupiter is the larger than life planet, a gas giant, which keeps the overconfident Sagittarius grounded. As a Sagittarius’ habit is to be seen as full of hot air, take on more than you handle and take these massive risks without thinking.

Mutable Sign

The other mutable signs are Virgo, Gemini and Pisces, these along with Sagittarius are the signs that end each season. Mutable signs know that good things come to an end, they are preparing you for a change of seasons. This change in season is fall to winter, as fall comes to an end the colder weather blows in, school let’s put for winter break, and finals, so it’s important that you feel comfortable and flexible as opposed to stressed, cold and annoyed. Look at it differently, the ending of this year and the changes you can encounter or create in 2018!

As a Sagittarius, inspire yourself and others to take some risks, get in touch with the world and learn. Take about what you learn and help expand others minds in these deep discussions. Also try to stay grounded, don’t over do it to the point where it will almost be impossible because as long as you’re grounded your goals will become concrete. Prepare your friends and self. For this change in season, tell everyone it’ll be a good change!

You’ll probably spot a Sagittarius taking a holiday vacation somewhere to start the new year with an adventure!


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Girl Boss

We all know at least one woman in our life that hustles all day to get everything done; a full time and part time job plus school, part time job and running her own business, the day job, night job and weekend job. Whatever it is women know how to work, lead and get sh*t done! This is fact, so get your girl something from this boss babe list of goodies this Christmas!

Citrine Necklace and Hoop Earrings


Citrine is THE girl boss crystal. It also happens to be the month of November’s birth stone ( check out our blog post on it: ) and is the crystal of prosperity! It’s also a great stone to combat any negative energy! This is perfect for when we feel a little rundown, feel like someone is against you for being successful or even your own negative thoughts or self doubt.

Amethyst Ring


Amethyst is a calming energy stone that will help liven your spirits and gives off positive energy! It also helps with healing old wounds and even some unwanted addictions! This amethyst ring will be a great addition to whoever needs a bit of positivity!

Pair the amethyst ring and citrine earrings and/or necklace together for a powerful effect against negativity and welcoming of peace!



Hand-stamped bracelets with great motivational sayings for your day like ” Wake up & slay” “Hustle like you mean it” and “Boss Babe” They’re comfortable, adjustable and totally unique to who you give them to. There is even a choice to customize your own saying!

All together or separate, these handcrafted pieces will be the prefect present this year! Support and Shop Local this holiday season!













Citrine Necklace $ 35

Citrine Earrings $ 35

Amethyst Ring $ 20

Copper Bracelet $ 35

Aluminum Bracelet $ 20

Brass Bracelet $ 35