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The Importance of Loving Yourself

Over the past 7 years I’ve learned so much about myself, one of the most important things I’ve learned is how important it is to love myself.

You are the only thing that is always certain, that is always there, that is always consistent in your life.

We can’t predict what will happen in the future, in a week, in a day or even in the next second, but one thing for certain is we will always be ourselves.

By the time you are done reading this, so many other factors in the world will be changing around you, and you will still be you.

So what’s the point? YOU will always have YOU!

Think about how much more enjoyable your life would be if you just loved yourself. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not. I came up with a few simple rituals that will set you in the right direction every single day. Every day is a new opportunity to wake up feeling blessed, loved and rejuvenated.


Ritual 1: The “Thank You” Stone

Amethyst Crystal Cluster

Get yourself a crystal, geode, rock, stone, pebble or one of Little Blueberryy’s special crystals and make this your “Thank You” Stone. What’s a “thank you” stone? It’s a stone that you hold in your hands every night before going to bed. While your holding the stone say out loud what you are most thankful for from that day. It could be anything! While your mind is racing trying to come up with the BEST part of your day, you’re actually filling your head with all kinds of positive take away’s from the day.

“The best part of my day was… seeing my dog, getting a good grade on a test, going to lunch with my friend, going to yoga class…”

And now before you close your eyes and go to sleep you are flooded with positive thoughts and positive vibes only. Sweet dreams.


Ritual 2: The Sexy, Silk Goddess Ritual

My intern Sho brought this uplifting ritual to my attention. At Little Blueberryy’s Galentines Day photo-shoot I had thrown all my expensive, sexy little lingerie, overly revealing body suites, silk robes and fancy kimonos out on my bed and said

“well here’s all my beautiful things that I’ll never wear”

Ladies, lets be serious we have all been in this predicament!

So Sho mentioned that I should wear them around my apartment for myself. Not for anyone else. Who is stopping us from feeling sexy in our own skin? That’s right…nobody! So love yourself ritual number 2 is wear your lace bra and silk robe around your house for nobody, but yourself. Love yourself and the skin you’re in.


Ritual 3: Light The Night Ritual 

You can combine this ritual with ritual number 2 because personally I think its very suiting. Light the night is simple! Just find a nice quiet space, your sacred space. This can be in your bedroom, on your back porch, in your living room, studio, wherever, and light some candles. When you light the candle think about a positive intention or mantra such as “I am at peace”, “ Whatever is meant to be will find a way”, “everything is temporary”, “I vow to love myself”.

If you’d like to use a little magic for this ritual you can burn a special colored candle. 

Or check out our crystal candle collection! All of our candles come with intentions that are sure to uplift your mood and put you in a zen state of mind.


Ritual 4: Wake up, Bless up Ritual

Every morning when you first open your eyes, you should think about how blessed you are to even be waking up in a bed or on a couch or with a blanket or sheet or what have you.

If you have a nightstand keep a notebook in your nightstand or nearby your bed so when you wake up in the morning you can write down….

5 things you love about yourself and

5 things you are truly grateful for


Some mornings it might not be easy to think of even one thing you love about yourself, trust me I get that feeling, but think outside the box. They don’t all need to be physical qualities.

This practice will become a ritual after doing it every morning and you might even start to do this in your head mentally every morning.


Ritual 5: The Hottest One Yet

 This is one of my favorite pretty little secrets. In the morning before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner or before going to bed (at least once a day) boil yourself a big ol’ cup of hot water and squeeze some fresh lemon in it.

While you’re boiling your water be mindful of the time you are spending to provide yourself with one of the most important things in life, self-care.

Bless your hot water concoction with loving thoughts. Send healing vibes into your water and drink it slowly, taking in all the good vibes.

This ritual isn’t just about being mindful; it actually has many health benefits. By drinking hot water before eating you are less likely to overeat, so you can forget those drowsy overstuffed feelings! It gives you a little energy and immune system boost, helps with digestion and weight loss and freshens your breath!

Now if that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself I don’t know what else to tell ya!

I know all these rituals might not seem possible and you don’t have to do them all every single day, but try to get yourself in the habit of doing them. These rituals are sure to help you love yourself and express gratitude a little more and more everyday.

When we love ourselves anything is possible. We are capable of loving so many things; keep a little bit of that love inside and share some of that love with yourself.

Love who you are

Don’t change for anybody

Embrace yourself

In order to truly love, we must love ourselves first

You will always be there

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